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  • Group Class Timetable

    Be Radiant offers group classes and private lessons

    that rejuvenate body, mind and soul.



    Open class welcoming all levels. Learn the techniques to move safely into poses so they can support and nourish your whole being. Be guided through intelligent sequencing and explore a variety of poses as you connect to your heart of love and kindness, positivity and gratitude. Class combines Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga and myofascial release.



    Mat Pilates class suitable for all levels. Improve posture, flexibility, core strength, balance, stability and mobility. Connect breath to mindful movement and enhance mental awareness. Combines traditional, pre-pilates and modern pilates. All props provided.


    NAISDA College,

    Building 32. Studio 1.

    The Avenue, Kariong

    (Opposite Parklands Preschool)

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    Single class $25

    10 classes $220

    (valid for 4 months)

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    Monday 6:15pm Yoga



    Turramurra Uniting Church,

    Colonnade Room,10 Turramurra Ave, Turramurra

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    Single class $25

    10 classes $220

    (valid for 4 months)


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    Monday 8:00am & 9:30am Pilates

    Thursday 8:30am Pilates

    Saturday 10:00am Pilates

    Umina Beach

    Umina Beach Surf Life Saving Club

    509 Ocean Beach Rd, Umina Beach

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    Single class $25

    10 classes $220

    (valid for 4 months)


    Pay cash on arrival, scroll down for bank details or Shop Now


    Tuesday 9.30am Yoga

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    Vanessa Ziesing

    Commonwealth Bank

    BSB: 062104

    Account: 00636491

  • Be Radiant Retreat 2024

    Contact Vanessa to book your spot

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    Rejuvenate, Revitalise, Relax.

    Your Serenity Retreat Haven.


    Rejuvenate and revitalise with a restorative blend of yoga and pilates inspired classes.


    Savor and enjoy the calming views and grounding surroundings.


    Be nourished by the goodness and beauty of nature.


    Get ready to unravel the tension in your body, de-stress your mind, and nurture your well-being. 

    The retreat is from Friday to Sunday, however you are welcome to stay freely until 10am Monday if you wish.

    Location - Be Radiant Retreat 

    Next location tbc

    Date tbc

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    Be Radiant Retreat Timetable

    (subject to variation)

    Friday 22nd March

    from 3:00pm Arrive, settle in, relax | 5:00pm Yoga Class and Radical Gratitude Meditation | 7:00pm Dinner

    Saturday 23rd March

    Breakfast | 9:00am Yoga Class | 10:15am Tea and "Me" time | 12:30pm Seated Gyrotonics and "I am" Meditation | 1:30pm Lunch | "Me" time | 5:00pm Yoga Class and Guided Meditation | 7:00pm Dinner

    Sunday 24th March

    Breakfast | 9:00am Yoga class | 10:15am Tea and "Me time" | 12:30pm Well-being session/Gratitude to your senses Meditation

    End of structured retreat. Bring the peace and calm with you and return home when you're ready.

    You are welcome to stay freely and relax until 10am Monday 25th March :)

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    Your investment

    Nourish your well-being, Relax and Just Be.

    Contact Vanessa if you're interested.

    King bedroom and ensuite: SOLD OUT

    Private Queen bedroom: $950 SOLD OUT

    Share room: $750 SOLD OUT

    Vanessa Ziesing

    Commonwealth Bank

    BSB: 062104

    Account number: 00636491

    Description: Retreat 2024

    Refund available (minus $100) until February 1st, 2024.

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  • Dates for your Diary

    Due to Gyrotonic Teacher Training, the following classes will be cancelled. 

    Monday 12th February 8am and 9:30am Pilates in Turramurra 

    Tuesday 13th February 9:30am Yoga in Umina

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  • Testimonials

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    Rejuvenated body, mind and spirit

    Peter Parry

    "Vanessa’s yoga classes are always special! She beautifully combines a deep knowledge and understanding of yoga with a caring and joyful nature, and a background in dance to create classes full of creativity and fluid movements. Her classes never fail to deliver you to that inner place of stillness and peace leaving you feeling rejuvenated in body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend Vanessa’s yoga and pilates classes."

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    Constant Source of inspiration

    Sharon Dempsey

    “Vanessa’s consummate skill as a teacher enables clear understanding of alignment, function and movement. After practicing various forms of Yoga for more than 20 years I was blown away by Vanessa’s teaching. Vanessa’s guidance is a rich gift – she draws from dance, pilates, yoga and deep spirituality to produce divinely integrated classes. Guided by Vanessa’s instruction I am stronger, my posture has improved and emerging lower back issues averted. My upper back is once again free to move! Vanessa’s teaching is accessible, effective and original. She is a constant source of inspiration. Everyone loves Vanessa for very good reasons. She is a diamond personally and professionally.”

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    Refreshed and Energised

    Jackie Lloyd

    “Vanessa is a fabulous Yoga & Pilates teacher! Her classes are always so energetic and full of joy. Her instructions are clear, concise and she participates by showing us how to practice – she has a great balance between demonstrating and walking around the class to make sure we’re all doing the right things! She carefully prepares for each of her classes and ensures she tailors the program to the participants based on their levels. I always feel refreshed, energised & challenged in all her classes. I love Vanessa’s classes and highly recommend them to anyone!”

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    Master of her craft

    Andrew Fox

    “When you take a Pilates class with Vanessa she will make you feel that you are the only person in the room. In shaping her routine Vanessa combines an extraordinary grasp of the complexities of the human body with an intuitive understanding of each person’s needs. As a result, no two classes are ever the same as Vanessa displays a variety that keeps her practice fresh and exciting. With the occasional giggle her dulcet tones will guide you through a class that leaves you challenged, restored and fulfilled. By temperament, by training and with boundless understanding Vanessa is a master of her craft.”

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    Diverse programs

    Rob Geddes

    “I have practiced yoga and pilates around the world and never found a teacher with the knowledge of anatomy, understanding of fitness and strength, with the good intentions and ability to create diverse programs that work for people in mixed age, gender and ability."

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    Create a serene space

    Kate Irish

    “I have been attending pilates classes with Vanessa for a number of years now and cannot speak highly enough of her as an instructor. Vanessa manages to create a serene space, whilst simultaneously encouraging people to stretch their boundaries and continually improve. I leave her classes feeling physically and mentally improved. She is a delightful and giving person of both her time and her expertise.”

  • About Vanessa

    Specialising in Yoga - Pilates - Ballet - Gyrotonic

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    Top 3 Female Dancer in Australia

    One of Australia’s favourite dancers, Sydney born Vanessa Ziesing (Sew Hoy) was voted into the top 3 female dancers on the hit television show So You Think You Can Dance Season 1, 2008.


    She has performed in front of millions of viewers and toured around Australia performing live at Entertainment Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and Perth. Vanessa has also performed at The Logies, The Opera House, Vivid and The X Factor. Overseas, Vanessa has been invited to perform in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.


    Vanessa's passion is in sharing her knowledge with others and inspiring people to enjoy moving in a healthy and nourishing way. Vanessa is the Body Conditioning and Well-being Unit Manager at Naisda Dance College teaching Certificate III, IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Vanessa is a mother to 2 beautiful boys and is grateful for her health and fitness, supporting her to be energetically and passionately present to play with her children. 

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    Ballet Beginnings

    With a passion for dance beginning with classical ballet at the age of 3, Vanessa left home at just 15 after being offered a place at the prestigious Australian Ballet School in Melbourne.


    With movement being part of her life, Vanessa began studio Pilates classes at age 12, to assist her dancing by developing more strength and stability.


    Genetically pigeon-toed and flat footed, Vanessa was given many exercises to strengthen her feet and correct alignment. After wearing orthotics for many years (even in her ballet shoes), thanks to Pilates, Vanessa developed functional flat feet and was able to say goodbye to her orthotics.


    Vanessa’s first performance with a major company was at the budding young age of 9 in the Australian Ballet Company’s production of Madame Butterfly. Since then she has gone on to be a sought after performer, choreographer and teacher and with a host of appearances in major international dance productions and television appearances, as well as judging dance competitions and international beauty pageants.


    Vanessa has been privileged to learn from some of the best teachers and choreographers in a range of dance styles. These include Sarah Boutler (Contemporary), Tanja Liedtke (Contemporary), Brian Lucus (Contemporary), Csaba Buday (Contemporary), Maggie Sietsma (Contemporary), Rosetta Cook (Contemporary), Paulina Quinteros (Contemporary), Shane Carroll (Classical Ballet), Tanya Pearson (Classical Ballet), Prudence Bowen (Classical Ballet), Juliette Verne (Hip Hop and Contemporary), Kelley Abbey (Jazz), Adam Williams (Broadway, jazz and lyrical), Andrew Hollsworthy (Broadway), Susan Wang (Chinese Dancing), Nacho Pop (Hip hop/Popping), Matt Lee (Jazz), Luda and Oliver (Salsa), Jason Gilkinson (ballroom).

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    Yoga and Pilates Journey

    Browsing the bookshelf in her high school years, Vanessa came across a yoga book called Light on Yoga by BKS Iyenger and diligently followed the instructions with persistence. From tight hips and very limited rotation and flexibility, Vanessa practiced and stretched every day and gradually her hips started to open more and more and after a couple of years she could do the splits and finally lotus pose.


    Vanessa experienced her first yoga class when she was around 15. She has attended classes in the style of Bikram, Iyenger, Anusara, Power, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin yoga.


    Pilates and yoga were like a haven and deeply influenced Vanessa’s life, supporting her through many ups and downs. Yoga helped her get through a difficult period of depression at the age of 16, where she asked herself some really deep questions and contemplated the meaning of life. Pilates played a big role in Vanessa’s rehabilitation from injury, and enabled her to come back to dancing stronger than before.

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    Professional Training

    Vanessa graduated from the Queensland University of Technology completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance).


    She has a Post-Graduate Certificate in the Pilates Method at the University of Technology Sydney and is a qualified Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. Vanessa has completed teacher training with YogaCoach and YinSpiration.


    Vanessa is currently furthering her education with Yoga Medicine, a 500-1000 hour advanced teacher training run by world renowned master teacher, Tiffany Cruikshanks.


    With Yoga Medicine and Power Living, Vanessa has studied modules Sequencing with Purpose, Chinese Medicine, Hip: Anatomy, Dysfunction and Application and Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction and Application.


    She has also completed her Yin Yoga training with well known teacher, Jo Phee.

    In 2023 and 2024, Vanessa completed her Level 1 Gyrotonic Teacher Training and has been teaching Gyrotonic at Naisda College. 

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    Global Career Highlights

    In 2009, Vanessa had the pleasure to be part of the celebrity crew for Vibe Alive, encouraging, supporting and inspiring the children in rural Australia through dance.


    In 2011, Vanessa was flown to Malaysia to be the special guest performer in the grand finale of Miss Global International Malaysia and also a judge for the talent section of the competition.


    In 2015, Vanessa performed in a charity musical stage play presented by A.S.K Council of Australia to raise money for children born with cleft in the Philippines.


    In 2016, Vanessa was chosen to be the female dancer for Vivid Australia's first ever dance collaboration water project, shown every half hour at the Laser Dragon Water Theatre, Darling Harbour.


    She has appeared in various advertisements on TV, been the cover girl of the Summer edition of Australian Yoga Life, had articles written about her in a number of magazines and danced in The Veronicas hit music video "You ruin me".


    Vanessa has won first prize in the Get Off Your Arts Performing Arts Competition, as well as performed at Australia Zoo, the Maritime Museum, the 2008 World Metropolis Congress, the Australian Dance Festival 2009, 2010, 2011 (teacher, choreographer and performer), and throughout 2011 performed in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.


    Apart from dancing all over Australia, Vanessa has traveled to dance and perform in Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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    Love of Teaching

    As well as performing, Vanessa loves teaching and contributing positively to people’s lives. Vanessa has had the privilege to teach people from the age of 2 years old to 96 years old.


    Vanessa is passionate about being the best teacher she can be to better serve her community and continuously studies to expand her skills.


    She is filled with happiness when she hears her students joy and gratitude for being able to now climb up stairs, play with grand children, have more range, freedom and openness in their bodies, experience calm, harmony and peace within themselves, have more energy, come off medication and be pain-free and enjoy a more enriched, beautiful and happy life.


    Vanessa aims to be the best she can be for her students and continues to learn and grow. She is dedicated to her clients health, happiness and well-being and committed to the work she teaches and practices.​

  • Private Lessons

    • Private Yoga, Pilates and Classical Ballet lessons available
    • Available in the comfort of your home or convenient location 
    • Support beautiful posture
    • Tone, lengthen and strengthen
    • Feel nourished, calm and rejuvenated
    • Move at your own pace with specific exercises developed for your goals so you can do what you love and enjoy with more ease and effortlessness.

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    Private Lessons

    Prefer individual focused attention, want to be specific on your alignment or want to learn how to manage and recover from an injury?


    Or do you struggle to come to a class because the time doesn't suit or you have children to look after?


    Home visits available.

    $150 per hour.

    Contact Vanessa to arrange your Private or Shared Private yoga, pilates or dance lesson.

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